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The Bounce Factor

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

What kind of bouncer are you?

People bounce back from tough times in one of three common ways. While all styles of bouncing require us to develop strength and flexibility, understanding the differences will help you get along better at work and at home.

The three styles are cheerful, slow and erratic.

Cheerful bouncers are optimistic, talking about what they’ve learned and how far it will take them. These folks usually want you to climb aboard their happy train. If you agree with them, then join, but if you don’t or are unsure, let the cheerful bouncer know you’ve heard them but need a little more time to think about things.

Slow bouncers start in denial but eventually adjust. Give them data and space, because they prefer to be left alone while they figure out their new normal. Touch base regularly to see if they need more information or would like to talk through things.

The erratic bouncers are sometimes irritated, angry and annoyed, but at other times energized with new ideas. Check in on their mood before talking about change. When the erratic bouncer is in an open mood, have them start creating a plan with baby steps toward new goals.


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