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Life is a journey with many paths. We travel these pathways a step at a time, but often don't take time away from day-to-day activities to consider the big picture of where we are heading. Busy people need to intentionally create space for learning, reflection, and goal-setting, and sometimes this is best accomplished through a temporary change of scenery.

Dr. Harrison is available for in-person, on-the-road, and virtual speaking engagements, destination workshops, conferences, schools, parent/teacher presentations, and private events.


Some of the topics include:

  1. Creating Skilled Students in a World of Technology

  2. Improving Executive Functioning in the Classroom

  3. Improving Executive Functioning at Home

  4. Screentime Parenting

  5. Big Help for Big Feelings

  6. Making a Difference the Lasts a Lifetime

  7. High Functioning Autism in the Classroom

  8. The Psychoeducational Testing Process: What Teachers Need to Know

  9. Neurodiversity Across Cultures and the Lifespan

Beautiful grassland road in western Chin


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