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The Flex Factor

You are stuck and it shows. Your boss notices. Your co-workers notice. You do the basics of your job, but when it comes to flexible thinking, you are rigid.

When problems arise or new ideas are discussed, the first thing you think is, “This is going to cause me more work.” This is making your work life dull and putting you at risk for burnout and boredom.

You can infuse your job with energy and enthusiasm just by becoming a flexible thinker. Here’s how:

Step 1

Add, “I’m curious about what we can do here” to the beginning of every thought when a change is presented. This opens the door for you to accept change.

Step 2

Brainstorm multiple ideas and write them down. Ask your co-workers to brainstorm with you. You need not commit to any one idea yet, but this conveys your new role as an innovative problem solver.

Step 3

Pick the best idea and pitch it to your boss. If it is not received well, then be ready with your second or third choices. Showcasing your flexibility and problem-solving skills makes you even more valuable to your company. Flexible thinking is critical to business, and flexible thinkers get noticed and promoted.


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