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Dr. Kimberly Harrison is a clinical psychologist, writer, and speaker. She has a diverse background which includes working in the business world and in women's and children's ministry. She returned to school as an adult to earn two Master's degrees in psychology and ultimately a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

Her passion for getting to know unique life stories, and for helping individuals use their strengths to overcome difficulties, was the reason she went back to school as an adult. Dr. Harrison knows firsthand how challenging it is to try something new, and also the joy and sense of accomplishment that takes place from stepping out in faith. She understands about the pressures and nuances of business and working for a large corporation, what it is like to be a working mother, and how to grow personally and professionally while meeting the demands of everyday life.

Dr. Harrison is also passionate about helping parents and children uncover root issues that are causing difficulty at home and school. She believes in the resilience of families and loves helping strong families become stronger. 

Through her work and personal experiences, Dr. Harrison has developed proven strategies to help others look for and trust their inner wisdom. She has an amazing ability to teach, challenge and inspire others.


Check out her latest online parenting workshop: Conative Parenting: The Basics

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