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3D Thinking

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Do you innovate with 3-D thinking? If not, here’s how to develop the skill and start using it to change things up.

3-D thinking is a way to break away from plodding along, doing things the same way. When faced with challenges many people default to doing things in familiar way. I call this "linear thinking". We all know what happens when we try to change things without changing things. Rather than this linear focus, a circular approach can be helpful. This is where we brainstorm a variety of new ideas rapid-fire and pick the best one.

But amazing results are usually the result of 3-D thinking: an approach where you allow your brainstorming to have babies before making a decision.

If you want to try 3-D thinking, get a white board or several pieces of paper. Write as many ideas as you can and place each idea in a circle. Then make orbiting circles of where your mind takes you around each main idea.

Step back and look at it – what possibilities do you see?


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