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Hidden Agendas

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

I hate hidden agendas!

Seriously, how can you even know what they are when you can’t see them? And sometimes it seems like they are everywhere.

But, hidden agendas are just fancy covers for passive aggression. When you look at them through that lens it becomes easier to know what to do. That’s because passive aggressive behavior is part of a triangle: passive aggressive, aggressive and assertive. Often those hidden agendas bring forth aggression when they come to light. In the business world, this looks like controlling behaviors, micromanaging, and tirades.

You can protect yourself from this unhealthy back-and-forth stress by learning how to be assertive in all relationships. This means being a pro at setting boundaries, putting your needs on the agenda, and advocating for healthy change. When you have an assertive agenda, the hidden agendas of others come out of the shadows and into the light.


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