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Stop Parenting Everyone Around You

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Are you tired of parenting your employees …your partner…your parents…and your adult children… all while trying to keep your business competitive?

Are you tired enough to make some changes? Success starts with un-learning what you believe is your duty, learning how to set boundaries, and focusing on the issues most important to you and your business, without neglecting others.

  1. Determine what have you taken on that needs to be given back.

  2. Set new boundaries. A boundary is the line you set which protects your physical, emotional and intellectual space. When others assume you will automatically handle things that you don’t want responsibility for, it’s up to you to set a boundary. You can do this by providing information to them about ways they might manage the situation, allow natural consequences to occur if they don’t do what’s needed, and mostly by standing back instead of taking over.

  3. Commit to using your energy for the things most important to you and your business.


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