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Kimberly B. Harrison, Ph.D.
is a clinical psychologist, writer & speaker.


Change. Grow. Learn.

Dr. Harrison is available for consulting, parenting help, workshops, speaking engagements, and more upon request.

Consultation for clinicians,  mental health professionals, and school administrators.

In-person or virtual workshops such as Conative Parenting: The Basics.

On The Road speaking engagements for events, schools, conferences, and corporate training.

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In this world filled with technology, how do you know how much is too much, what is appropriate, and when parents should require a change in technology habits? What can parents do to instill a balanced lifestyle in their children? How does overuse of screens impact development of resiliency, social skills, and family relationships?

Screentime as Dessert is a much-needed tool for answering these questions and more. Take advantage of this practical, hands-on advice for creating tech balance in your home.

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The Skilled Student Initiative™  is a collaborative program designed to assist and help schools get organized inside and outside the classroom. 

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The Skilled Student Initiative™ Focus Week prepares children to start the new school year equipped with skills to study better, stay organized and focus. 


Conative Parenting: The Basics is a work-at-your-own-pace online parenting workshop that includes 3 interactive learning videos and activity worksheets.

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