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Business People Applauding


Dr. Harrison is very familiar with the unique challenges facing companies and their leaders and employees. She offers a variety of services and can work with you individually in consultation format, workshops and/or retreats, as well as through large-platform event speaking.

Some of the topics include:

  1. The Professional Woman: How to Make It All Work

  2. The Professional Woman: Bringing All Parts of Yourself to Succeed on the Job

  3. Building on the Strengths of Your Team

  4. Unleashing Creativity to Maximize Profitability

  5. The Boredom Factor: Beating Boredom of the Job

  6. Wash Your Hands: Doing All That You Can in a Crisis

  7. The Bounce Factor: How to Proactively Create Corporate Resilience

  8. Wagon Wheels and Ladders: Maximizing Success by Understanding Personality Types

  9. Understanding Your Organization’s Emotional Profile

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